Fax Recipients

Once you create a fax, you must specify the fax number of the person who is receiving the fax. The number of recipients can be up about 2000 and more, each recipient is split by the ; (semicolon) character. In recipients textbox, angle brackets represent public or user contacts, square brackets represent users.

There are several methods to enter recipients:

  • Method 1: Click Recipients button, then choose public & private contacts or Joyfax users from the Choose recipients dialog box.

    Private(Local) contacts   Public(Remote) contacts   Joyfax Users
  • Method 2: Enter part of the full name in the Recipients textbox, then type semicolon(;), the software will automatically search and fill in the appropriate contact or user in it. The following dialog box will be displayed if there are more than one results, just select a contact you want to add.
  • Method 3: Enter fax number in Recipients textbox directly, the following fax number are legal:
    1. Local Phone Number: 321-1234 or 3211234;
    2. Domestic Phone Number: (866)-321-1234, 1-866-321-1234, 866-321-1234 or 866 321 1234(separated by space);
    3. International Phone Number: +1(866)346-3654, +1-866-8463654, +1 866 846 3654
      In international usage, telephone numbers should always be quoted with the country code preceded by a "+";
    4. Outside line calls: 9,,18663211234 or 0,,3211234 (Comma is used to pauses briefly before continuing.)
      You should set up an Access Code in the Incoming/Outgoing section on Server Options dialog box to prevent entering ouside calls prefix.
      For example, when you dial in from a hotel room, you may have to add 9 to the number you are calling to get an outside line. Your number may look similar to the following:
      The comma after the 9 gives a pause long enough to get an outside line before continuing to dial the full number.
    5. Extension Phone Number: 321-1234,,,,,802, +1-866-321-1234,,,,,802 or +44-20-1234-5678,,,,, 802
      The number of commas is depended on the response time of SPC exchanges, 8-10 seconds is good enough
  • Method 4: Double-click a contact in the Phone book pane to create new fax. The selected contact will be automatically added to the Recipients textbox.
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