Joyfax Client Console 1.0 (beta)

Note: Please lanuch Joyfax Client v5.2 or above before runnig this application.

JoyfaxConsole [Options] -f <file1/folder1>[;...][;FileN] -r "<Recipients>"

-f file or folder Files or files in sub folders to be faxed.
    i.e: C:\Test\;C:\MyPDFs\*.pdf
-r   Recipients Recipient list. For more see Fax Recipients. Must begin and end with double quotation marks(").


-a Synchronous Wait until fax sent completed;
-s Subject Subject of fax, i.e.: "Joyfax Sell Sheet";
-m Meno Memo of fax, i.e.: "Joyfax Server 5-user license";
-c CoverPage Cover Page profile to be used;
-d Header Header & footer profile to be used,
    0 = None; 1 = General; 2 = Compact; 3 = Detailed
-k Kill Delete input files if fax sent successfully.


  0 - Success;
  1 - Initialize failed;
  2 - Invalid parameter;
  3 - Unknown erorr (may unsupported file type).


JoyfaxClientConsole -d 2 -f "C:\My PDFs\D90.PDF" -r "Samm Kivin<866-6554-564>;Mr. Green<(846)6554-564>"
JoyfaxClientConsole -f C:\MyPDFs\*.pdf;D:\Sell.xls -r "Samm Kivin<866-6554-564>"
JoyfaxClientConsole -s "Joyfax Sell Sheet" -m "Joyfax Server 5-user license" -f D:\Sell.xls -r "Kivin<866-6554-564>"

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