User Login

When you start the program, the User Login dialog box appears on the screen. The following image shows the Joyfax Client User Login dialog box:

The User Login dialog box contains the following items:

  • Server: Enter the domain name or IP address and Port of the Joyfax Server to connect with, for example:, JoyfaxServer:8751 etc. The default port is 8750 if leave it blank
  • User name: User name used when logging in the Joyfax Server
  • Password: Enter your Password for the server here
  • Auto login: Automatic login to Joyfax Server when Joyfax Client starting up
  • Save password: Save password so user doesn't need to enter the password everytime login to Joyfax Server
  • Work offline: This lets user accesses Joyfax Client and lets user uses the program without connecting to the Joyfax Server

Note: The default user name: DEMO, with the password: 1234

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