Joyfax Version 6

Joyfax Client Options

The Joyfax Client Options dialog box will appears at the first time you logging in fax server, It allows you to change all aspects of the Joyfax client.

To change the settings manually

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, the Joyfax Client Options dialog box has three sections:
    • General section contains the basic properties
    • Fax section allows you to specify the resolution and black/white threshold of faxing file
    • Page section allows you to specify the default cover page, header & footer template and digital signature
  2. The Joyfax Client Options dialog box will be displayed. Make all required changes and click OK to save

General Section

The General contains the following items:

  • Company: Company name retrieved from the Fax Server
  • Run program at Windows startup: Opens Joyfax Client at Windows startup
  • When Joyfax starts, go directly to "Incoming" folder: Specifies whether the contents of the Incoming folder are displayed when you first open Joyfax Client
  • Minimize main window when clicking Close(X) button
  • Always prompt me when triggering the Read Tracking flag: Specifies whether to confirm when triggering the Read Tracking flag
  • Confirm when deleting fax message(s)
  • Mark fax read after displaying for N seconds: Marks a fax item as read after you have previewed it for the number of seconds indicated
  • Send & Receive fax at startup: Automatically receives and sends fax at joyfax client startup
  • Check for new fax every [ ] minutes: Checks fax server for new incoming fax items at the specified interval of minutes
  • Play sound when new fax received: Specifies whether to play a sound when new fax message arrive
  • Automatically print received fax to: Specifies a printer to automatically print all received fax messages
  • User folder location: Specifes the storing location of user data

Fax Section

The Fax section shows the parameters used for converting a document to Fax format, it contains the following items:

  • Use Joyfax Server's global settings / Local manual settings: Specifies whether to use the server's settings or local settings
  • Print Quality: Specify the default desired resolution for the fax message
  • Bayer Dithering: Specifies the value of bayer dithering algorithm
  • Minimum-Black Comparison / Maximum-White Comparison: Specifies the value of the Minimum-Black and Maximum-White Comparison

    Note: To get the best effect of the facsimile, please adjust the dithering, Min-Black or Max-White Comparison options
  • Adjust to n% normal size: Adjust the zoom scale when converting a image file to facsimile format
  • Fit to: Adjust the zoom scale fit to Whole Page, Page Width or Page Height
  • Orientation: Specifies how the image is positioned on the page. Portrait orients the image vertically; Landscape orients the image horizontally
  • Margins: Specifies separate margin values for the top, right, bottom, and left margins, in Inches
  • Retries: Specifies how many times the fax server try to send the fax if it is undelivered
  • Intervals: The interval in minute that the Fax Server try to resend the fax

Page Section

The Page section contains the following items:

  • Default Cover Page: Specifies a default cover page for all new creating fax
  • Default Header & Footer template: Specifies a Header and Footer template for all new creating fax
  • Default Digital signature file: If you want to automatically apply a digital signature to faxes, use the browse button to select the graphic file to use
  • Postion on page & Margins: Set the desired position to use for the signature
  • Action: Set the default action for the signature.
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