Read Tracking

This feature allows you to track the user who has read the received fax and who not yet. Navigate to Incoming folder, the fax list shown below:

To see who has read a fax message

  1. On Fax menu, click Receive(or press F8 directly), this allows the client to refresh the fax status
  2. Right-click the fax item which you want to see the tracking detail, choose Properties menu from the content menu
  3. The Fax Properties dialog box will be displayed, select Read Tracking tab, it shown below:

To flag a fax message as "Read" from the Joyfax Server

  1. On Actions menu, click Read Tracking; or select the Read tracking check box on the select item
  2. The Read Tracking dialog box will be displayed, click OK to confirm the action

This feature will be disregarded if you select an Inner Fax

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