Receiving faxes from your email client (Outlook Express, Outlook or Thunderbird)

Joyfax Server routes the incoming faxes to user's email addresses or any other email addresses as a TIFF or PDF attachment. You are then able to print, save and forward the fax – similar to what occurs when a regular email with an attachment is received.

  1. Refer the article: Joyfax Server Help Document -> Forwarding incoming fax to email addresses
  2. Open your email client program, e.g. Outlook Express, Outlook or Thunderbird
  3. Go to the email account settings/preferences for checking mail, and the click Send/Receive or Get Mail button to recieve new messages
  4. See below, shows the email sent by Joyfax Server, attachments can be tiff or pdf format


Note: You must specify the caller id strings in order to retrieve caller's Phone Number between the rings, please refer Joyfax Server Help Document -> Configure Fax Devices and Does my modem support Caller ID for more informations


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