Sending a fax from Client

Joyfax Client can convert many different type of files to a single mutil-pages facsimile document, then submit it to the Fax Server for faxing.

Supported file types are:

  • .doc, docx - Word documents
  • .xls, xlsx - Excel Spreadsheet files
  • .ppt, .pptx - PowerPoint documents
  • .pdf - Adobe Portable Document Format (No Adobe Reader Required)
  • .html, .htm - Web pages
  • .txt - Text files
  • .rtf - Rich text files
  • .psd - Adobe Photoshop documents
  • .tif, .tiff - Tiff files
  • .ico, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .pbm, .g3, etc. - Up to 21 image formats

To send a fax from client

  1. On the Fax menu, click New fax; or directly click Create fax button on the toolbars;
  2. On the Fax Editor dialog box, enter the fax numbers who receiving the fax in the Recipients box manually, or click Recipients button to choose the recipients;

    The Fax Editor dialog box contains the following items & buttons:

    • Send Now: Converts added documents to facsimile format and directly submit it to Fax Server for faxing
    • Send: Converts added documents to facsimile format and stores it in Outging folder for later sending
    • Save: Stores the current fax to Draft for later editing
    • Preview: Converts added documents to facsimile format and views with the Joyfax Browser
    • Options: Displays the Fax Options dialog box to set up preferences of the currnet fax
    • Close: Closes the current dialog
    • Recipients: The person to whom the fax is being sent. Recipients is required
    • Subject: Specifies a subject for fax
    • Meno: Specifies information that you want. This information is optional and can be whatever information you wish
    • Cover Page: Specifies a cover page for current fax
    • Edits currectly selected cover page.
    • Header & Footer: Specifies a Header and Footer template for current fax
    • : Edits or removes currently selected header and footer template
    • Append: Adds files that you want to fax
    • Open: Launches the currently selected document
    • Remove: Removes the selected files from list
    • Scan Image: Allows you to scan a document to add to the list
    • : Uses to arrange the order of the added documents
  3. Click the Append... button, then locate the files you want to fax;
  4. Select a Header & footer template if you want to add headers or footers;
  5. If you wish to add your personal signature or set the number of times the fax tries to send, click Options button located on the right side of the window, and then specify it;
  6. Click Send button, the fax will be stored in the Outgoing folder and ready for sending.
    If you wish the fax to be submitted to the fax server immediately, you should click the Send Now button.

If you are composing a fax offline, your fax will be saved in the Outging folder. It will be sent automatically when you go back online.

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