Install and Uninstalling Joyfax Client

Installing Joyfax Client at client computer

  1. Download the latest version of Joyfax Server installation package from our site;
  2. Double-click the download execute file to launch the installation;
  3. Select the Client component to install;
  4. Launch Joyfax Client and enter the server's address, user name and password to log in to fax server.

Uninstalling Joyfax Client

  1. There are three ways to uninstall Joyfax Client:
    • Go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs, find Joyfax Server, and then click the Change/Remove button;
    • Click Start -> All Programs -> Joyfax Server, and then select the Uninstall item;
    • Locate Joyfax Server Installation Directory, and then run the uninst.exe application.
  2. Follow the Uninstallation wizard select the Joyfax Client component to complete the uninstallation.

Joyfax Client login

  1. Move the mouse to Joyfax Server icon in system tray, the tooltip will display the server IP address and Port;

    If you wish to access Joyfax Server behind a router/firewall, please read How to access Joyfax Server behind a router/firewall?

  2. Go to the client PC, and launch Joyfax Client;
  3. In the User login dialog box, enter the Joyfax Server IP address, port, user name and password then press Log in.
Note: The first time you install the Joyfax Server, it creates a default demonstration user DEMO with a 1234 password.
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