Why fax didn't go through?

Please check the followings:

  1. To perform the Joyfax Server correction, it's recommended that you set up the area code and calls prefixes and Dialing Rules.
    If you don't know how to config it, just make the Specify dial location check box unselected, the server will dial the fax number directly as you entered in Joyfax Client.
  2. Ensure that you have entered the correct phone number format, the following phone numbe should be advised:
    +1(886)87654321 / +1(886)8765-4321 / (886)87654321 / (886)8765-4321 / 886-8765-4321 / 8765-4321 / 87654321 / 8765-4321,,,801(extension line: 801)
  3. Try the SECOND Init String in Fax Devices Settings dialog, click here for more.
  4. Ensure at least ONE fax modem choosed for sending faxes, please refer to Configure Fax Devices
  5. Ensure the modem is not occupied/opened by other applications, such as: Windows Fax Service

If the problem still occurs, please feel free to contact us at: support@joyfax.com. We provide free remote assistance technical support on workdays from 8 p.m. till the second day 12 a.m. US Eastern Time. In order to use this kind of technical support, you should leave a request with the date, time and way(Teamviewer or Logme In) to contact you for establishing the remote connection.

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