How to correct the Modem initialization string?

If you found the Joyfax Server cann't work right on your system, you may also want to try using an initialization string to correct this.

Before you try an initialization string, check for updated modem drivers from your computer manufacturer's or modem manufacturer's website. Check the computer manufacturer's site first if the modem came with the computer as they may have an OEM version of the modem driver.

  1. Run Joyfax Server, click Stop Sending and Stop Receiving button on the toolbar.
  2. On Server menu, click Devices Setting..., you may see your modem model in the Fax Device Settings dialog.
  3. The owner's manual for your modem should list its init strings in Modem manual. If it doesn't, you can look up init strings on the web. Two popular sites are:
  4. Copy the Init string from the site, and paste in Init strings combo box.
  5. Press OK to save, click Start Sending/Receiving button.
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