Beginner Guide

Before using the Joyfax server, please read instructions as below:

  1. Determine which computer on your network is best suited to act as the fax server, and make sure it is accessible to other computers on the network; If you wish to access the Fax Server behind a router/firewall, please refer How to access Joyfax Server behind a router/firewall?
  2. Install at least one fax modem on the fax server and connect it to a telephone line;
  3. When you start Joyfax Server or Joyfax Client on Windows XP, if it returns an error messages says "Joyfax Server/Client has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience", please refer to this article
  4. Joyfax Server will automatically retrieve your Area Codes and calls prefixes from the Windows Regional Settings, but you have to enter your area codes manually if you never configure them before;
  5. The default data folder for the fax server's data files is C:\JoyfaxServer, the fax server will attempt to use this folder to store its data files;
  6. In order to receive faxes from clients, you must specify the Routing rules based upon Calling Number Display(commonly called Caller ID), CSID and Fax Line. For more help, refer to Automatic Fax Routing
  7. By automatically routing incoming faxes to clients based upon the phone number, the Caller ID command must be configured; For more help, review Does my modem support Caller ID?
  8. A SMTP Server must be configured if you wish to receive faxes via an Email Client;
  9. It's easy to import contacts from a CSV file into Joyfax Server, please refer to this article .

In summary:

  • Download the latest version of Joyfax Server installation package from the download section;
  • Install Joyfax Server at server:
    1. Run the installation package at server, select the Server component to install;
    2. Launch Joyfax Server, follow the wizards to configure the fax server;
    3. Add new users, then set up fax routing rules(Server ->Options-> Fax Routing)
      Now, Joyfax Server has been installed and is ready for service.
  • Install Joyfax Client on the workstations:
    1. Run the installation package at server, select the Client component to install;
    2. Run and enter the server's address, user name and password to log in to fax server;
    3. To receive faxes from an email client, please refer to Joyfax Client Help Document.
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