Fax to Email Configurations

To route an incoming faxes through e-mail, you must first set up your email settings so that the fax server will know what mail server to use and how to authenticate for sending mail.

Note: To change the email subject and body, please refer to: How to change the email subject and body, sent from the Joyfax Server?

To setup a STMP server

  1. On Server menu, click Server Options; or click the Server Options button on the toolbar;
  2. The Server Options dialog box will be displayed, click Fax to Email on the right side of the window;
  3. Select the Enable Fax to Email check box:

    • Server Name: Specify SMTP server to be used
    • Port: Port to be used on the SMTP server, defaults to SMTP (25)
    • User Name: Username for authentication login
    • Password: Password for authentication login
    • Email Address: From a 'From:' address, not necessarily known to the server
    • Public Mailbox: ALL INCOMING faxes will be sent to the public email addresses, multiple email addresses by separating the email addresses with a comma. You may LEAVE IT BLANK if you wish.
    • File Format: Specify the format of attachments. It can be in Tiff or PDF format
    • Send email notification when fax sent: Send an email notification to the user when the fax was sent
  4. In SMTP Server section, type the server name, port, user name, etc.
  5. Specify the format of attachments and public mail box in Email Message section;
  6. Click OK to save.
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