Configure Fax Devices

Before configuring fax devices, you must Stop sending/receiving fax services, and then
  1. On Server menu, click Devices Settings

    Fax Devices Settings dialog box contains the following items:
    • Devices: Allows you to choose a modem to configure settings
    • Detect Devices: Click this button to automatically detect all connected modems
    • Fax number: Specify the fax number for the selected fax device
    • TSID String: Specify the transmitting subscriber ID (TSID) sent by the Joyfax Server to a receiving fax machine
    • Fax Class: Use Class 1 unless your modem does not support it.  Class 1 has been in existence much longer,which is supported by most fax machines and enjoys the most consistent implementation across fax devices in use today.  The selection of fax class does not, in any way, affect the transmission speed.
    • Caller ID String: Speicfies the caller id command to enable Caller ID reporting; Common caller id commands are:
        1. AT+VCID=1
        2. AT#CID=1
        3. AT#VCID=1
        4. AT+CID=1
    • Reset String: Specifies the reset command to reset the modem after a fax transmission. Common reset commands are:
        1. ATZ
        2. AT&F
        3. AT&F0
    • Answer after n Rings: This option indicates the number of rings that will be detected before the modem is directed to go off hook and answer the call; Sets of at least Two Rings for retrieving caller ID correctlly.
    • Enable Receiving Faxes: If this options is checked, the modem will be able to receive faxes
    • Enable Sending Faxes: If this options is checked, the modem will be able to send faxes
  2. The Fax Devices Settings dialog box will be displayed, click Detect Modems
  3. Make at least ONE fax device selected; Sets the Caller ID string if you would know, answers on 3 rings;
  4. To turn off the Modem speker, check whether M0 (0=zero) appears in the Init strings or not. If it already exists, move it to the end of Init strings, or place the M0 at the end of the init strings;
  5. Make other all required changes and click OK to save.
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