Automatic fax routing

Joyfax Server is equipped with support for routing incoming faxes to clients based upon Fax Line(COM port of modems), Calling Number Display (commonly called Caller ID) data and CSID (Called Subscriber Identification). The following incoming routing methods can be configured:

  • Route to client users. To route an incoming fax to client users, you must set up the Routing Rules so fax server will use these rules to determine the destination users.
  • Route through e-mail. To route an incoming fax through e-mail, you must first set up your email settings so the fax server will know what mail server to use and how to authenticate for sending mail.
  • Print. Specify a printer to which incoming faxes will be printed. To route incoming faxes to a network printer, Anonymous Logon permissions must be enabled for the printer.
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