Routing Rules' Options

To setup Routing Rules' Options

  1. On Server menu, click Server Options, or click the Server Options button on the toolbar;
  2. The Server Options dialog box will be displayed, click Routing Rules on the left side of the window;
  3. Click Advanced... button on the right side, the Routing rules' options dialog will be displayed.

    Single condition: To prevent incoming faxes from keeping matching other Routing Rules once it meets A RULE;
    Multi-condition: Incoming faxes will keep matching other routing rules even when they have met a rule; Works like version 5.5 and below.
    Routing to online users only: Choose this option If you would like the insant incoming faxes to only be forwarded to the users who are logging in.
  4. Change the Matching Mode and Matching Order if need;
  5. Click OK to save. Changes will be applied in the next coming fax.


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