User Permissions

Regular user accounts have all permissions to send & receive faxes unless that permission was granted. This following dialog box allows you to set the User Permissions for the user selected on the User Manager window:

  • Allow to send fax: Allows the user to send fax to a fax number.
  • Allow to send long-distance fax: By default, the user is allowed to send fax to any number; To restrict long distance calling, Uncheck this option.
  • Default priority: Sets Default Priority for all new fax message.
  • Allow to receive incoming fax: Allows the user to receive incoming fax from Joyfax Client; it will affect the routing decisions.
  • Forward to user's email address: Incoming fax will be sent to the user's email addresses automatically if this option checked. In order to successfully forward incoming fax to email, you must first set up your email settings so the fax server will know what mail server to use and how to authenticate for sending mail.
  • Allow to send/forward fax messages to inner user: Allows one user to send or forward fax to another user.
  • Allow to add/edit/delete: Allows one user to add, edit or delete public groups and contacts.
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