Is there a way to prevent stripping the local area code for all numbers of the local area?
In the USA and Canada it is often required that numbers of a certain area code need to be dialed as local calls and also as long distance calls. Since Joyfax Server strips the local area code for all numbers of the local area, a special configuration is required in that case. 

For example: Country or region code: +1; Area (or city) code: 311; International prefix:011; Long distance: 1:

  1. On Server menu, click Server Options...; Or directly click Server Optionsbutton on the toolbar;
  2. In the Server Options dialog box, specify the Country or region code to +1and Area(or city) code to 311;

  3. click Dialing & Area code rules... button, the Dialing & area code rules...dialog box will be displayed, type the Long-distance and International calls prefix, and given rules set as below:
  4. Click OK to save your configurations;
  5. Dialing rules:

     Phone number  Dial as
     (311) 234-5678  13112345678 (long-distance call)
     (311) 345-1234  13113451234 (long-distance call)
     (311) 345-6789  3456789 (local call)
     (312) 234-5678  3122345678 (local call)
     (318) 234-5678  3182345678 (local call)
     (313) 234-5678  13132345678 (long-distance call)
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