Does my modem support Caller ID?
First make sure you can see the Caller ID information from a normal telephone LED displayer.

Then do the following:

  • Launch Joyfax Server;
  • Click Stop-Sending and Stop Receiving buttons in the toolbar;
  • Select Server menu, click Devices Settings..., the Fax Devices Settingsdialog box will be displayed;
  • Select the Fax Modem you wish to check in the Devices list, click Caller ID Detection button;
  • In Caller ID detection dialog box, press Detect Now button, the software will automatically check the available AT command;
  • Follow the prompt, click Test Now! button, then dial your phone by using another phone;
  • If Caller ID is not working, you will only see the word RING for each incoming ring. If this is the case try another Caller ID Command and try it again;
  • If Caller ID is working, you will see the word RING, followed by one or more additional data lines. The word RING will then continue to appear for each incoming ring; 
  • At last, press OK button to apply the caller id command.
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