Change the Fax to Email subject and body? / HTML body in Joyfax Server
In order to change the email subject and body, please try the followings:
  1. First of all, make sure that you have enable the Fax to Email function: click Server-Options on toolbar, and select Fax to Email section; To enable the HTMLTemplate, please select the Preview Fax in e-mail option)
  2. Go to %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\application data\JoyFaxServer\ folder:
    Click Start>Run, copy and paste (or type) the path shown above.
  3. Double-click the Config.ini file to open with NotePad.
  4. Add these lines to the end of the file and save it
    Subject=Your own subject
    Body=Your own e-mail body

  5. Restar Joyfax Server to make effect.
    For the version above 6.5.1122, you can also use the following variables:
    [date] - Date of receiving faxes
    [time] - Time of receiving faxes
    [datetime] - Date and time of receiving faxes
    [csid] - CSID of the sender
    [faxnumber] - Fax number of the sender
    [pages] - Total pages of the fax
    [transmission] - Transmission time of the fax
    [embedimg] - Embed thumbnail of the 1st page of fax in e-mail

    Please note, these variables are not case-sensitive.
    Let's check a sample below: 

    Subject=Received fax from [CSID]([FAXNUMBER]) at [DateTime]
    Body=You have recieved a [pages]-page fax message from [CSID]([FAXNUMBER]) at [DateTime] 

    Click here to download a HTML Template file...
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