Only the first part of first page is send when sending a fax
The problem may occur when using an USB Modem, please try the following:
  • If you are using a Zoom Model 3095 V.92 USB Mini Externa modem, please just replace it with anothr one. The best USB modem we have used here is the Zoom model 3090 USB modem, and please DO NOT confuse the model 3090 with the 3095.
  • Install the latest drivers and update the firmware on the modem;
  • Try using another initialization string to correct this.
    • In Joyfax Server, click Stop Sending and Stop Receiving buttons on the toolbar.
    • Click Server menu, click Devices Settings, you may see your modem model in the Fax Devices Settings dialog.
    • The owner's manual for your modem should list its Init Strings in Modem manual. If it doesn't, you can look up init strings on the web. Two popular sites are:
    • Copy the Init string from the site, and paste in Init Strings textbox.
    • Press OK to save
  • Try different modem baud rates in this order: 9600, 12000 and 14400;
    • In Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Phone and Modem Options.
    • On the Modems tab, click the modem you installed, then click Properties.
    • Select the Modem tab, set Maximun Port Speed to 9600
  • If still no luck, replace your modem with another one that supports Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modems, and these Fax Modems are recommend for Joyfax Server
  • Does it matter what fax modem I use for faxing?
    This is a question we get asked a lot, and for some reason most people seem to think that if it is a fax modem, each modem will perform exactly the same as any other fax modem. Nothing could be further from the truth!! Just like there are quality differences between fax machines and other products, there are quality differences in fax modems. The quality of your fax modem will determine transmission speed, amount of failures, ability to deal with bad international lines etc. If faxing is important to you or your business, invest in a quality modem. Also, follow the advice of the fax server company that are selecting.
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